Connie Coffey

Connie Coffey



Timeline of Events

12 January 1989 - Brittany Rooney born

26 August 2003 - Colin and I got married

25 March 2004 – Brittany Rooney  - Enid, OK Drug Rehab approx 1 week

3 May 2004 – Brittany Rooney - Sundown Ranch Academy, Canton, TX - 3 months of drug rehab

18 May 2007 – Brittany Rooney graduated from Guthrie High School

30 July 2007 – Brittany Rooney arrested in El Paso, TX - charged with possession of marijuana >5 lbs < =50 lbs Warrant number D07-09254-1 Case No. 20070D03544

28 Dec 2008 - Brittany Rooney arrested in Bay City, Matagorda County, TX - charged with possession of marijuana Booking #: 2802230, SO # 28595

18 November 2009 – Grandson Born

1 March 2012 – Granddaughter Born

We have kept the kids at our house almost every other weekend since their birth. To our knowledge Colleen Valderrama has not kept the kids at all.

Sometime between 2012 and 2013 Simon Valderrama was working for Holiday Inn Express on Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. During this time he gave Brittany Rooney an expensive Nikon camera outfit that he told us the Holiday Inn gave him from the lost and found. Having worked at a different Holiday Inn Colin knew this was not their policy and called his old manager. She told him that there was a theft from a customer’s room at the Memorial location and that Simon was being investigated.

I was also told by Brittany Rooney’s current boyfriend Adam Smith that when Simon Valderrama worked the front desk at night he would rent out a room to a fictitious person. The following day or so they would have a package of drugs delivered to the room by UPS or FedEx and that Simon Valderrama or Brittany Rooney would pick them up from the room.

From 2014 to 2015 we kept the kids every weekend at our house and spent the night at their house at least once a week during the week so Brittany Rooney could go out. Simon Valderrama and Brittany Brittany were not living together. We did not know where Simon Valderrama was living.

On or about May 25, 2015 our grandson asked us if we would stop mommy from hurting him. He said he was spitting up blood because Brittany Rooney had be punching him in the stomach. He had bruises on his leg where she had hit him with a belt buckle. He complained that she had also hit him on the head with the belt buckle and he felt funny when he stood up. We took him to Children’s Hospital ER to be examined. The nurse checked him over and said he could be making it up about spitting up blood. We asked if the doctor was going to look at him and she said he was busy and she would take care of it. We asked if they were going to take pictures and she said no. The nurse called DHS and I talked to them. I asked if they were coming to the ER and they said no. The next morning Barbara and I took him to see his pediatrician Dr. Garlanda Parker. Dr Parker examined and interviewed him where she was told by my grandson about the physical abuse and about the drugs that Brittany Rooney was doing in his presence. My grandson told Dr. Parker that mommy was using needles and her boyfriend Adam was teaching him how to roll joints. My grandson said his mommy had given him a shot.

I called Canadian County DHS and reported Brittany. We called DHS a few days later to find out what was going on and they refused to talk to us because we were grandparents. At this time Brittany stopped letting us see our grandchildren but not Barbara. This continued for 1 year.

29 January 2016 - Brittany arrested charged MAKING A FALSE DECLARATION OF OWNERSHIP TO A PAWNBROKER, in violation of 59 O.S. 1512(C)(2). She was trying to pawn something that she had reported stolen and filed an insurance claim on. Got her boyfriend (Adam the drug dealer) to tell the cops that he forgot to report that they found it or something like that. Case dropped.

14 July 2016 - Simon Valderrama got temporary custody of kids because of Brittany Rooney’s drug abuse. At this time Simon Valderrama was in drug treatment and living in a halfway house. He and the kids moved in with his brother Chris Valderrama and his family. Then he and the kids moved into a 1 bedroom apartment. Simon Valderrama contacted us and we started seeing and keeping the kids overnight on the weekends.

We gave Simon Valderrama $1000 to hire a lawyer to get full custody of the kids. We paid the money directly to the lawyer but Simon Valderrama did not follow through with this. Maybe because he was embarrassed because he couldn't tell the lawyer his own children's birth dates.

15 February 2017 - Brittany Rooney was arrested and charged with COUNT #1, BURGLARY - SECOND DEGREE IN VIOLATION OF 21 O.S. 1435. Broke into her grandmother’s (Barbara Hasman) house and stole her Jewelry and pawned it.

25 May 2017 thru 2 June 2017 - We had the kids when Simon Valderrama got back on meth.

27 May 2017 – Our granddaughter had been complaining since we picked the kids up that her private area was hurting. This had happened on numerous visits and we would always ask if a bath would make her feel better. I gave her a bath and soon after observed her putting wet wipes on her private area until it became warm and she would put it in the trash can she had put next to her. Then she would get a new cold wet wipe and repeat this action for 40 minutes. During this time I got Colin and had him come to the bedroom and see what she was doing. He said hi to her and not wanting to embarrass her told her he would see her later. Colin went into the living room and sat with Kingston while he was playing a game. I went and got Colin and told him she has been doing this for 40 minutes, should we talk to her. Colin decided that he would stand behind the door of the adjourning bathroom so Izabella wouldn’t get embarrassed. I looked at her private area and noticed that she was red raw from her vagina to her bottom. I asked my granddaughter why did she hurt there and she said she didn’t know. I then asked her has anyone ever touched you down there. My granddaughter told me that her brother did and daddy (Simon Valderrama) does sometimes. I told her it was ok and she was safe and that we loved her but she looked worried. She said now I won’t get to see you again. We assured her that she would. Then she said I was just kidding and I said you don’t look like you’re kidding and she said ok. We told her that no one should ever touch her down there and that it was not her fault. Colin went to Wal-Mart and got some Destin ointment for her.

28 May 2017 - At 5am Simon Valderrama called sounding drugged up and kept frantically asking me where the kids were. I told him they were asleep. He wanted to be pickup. I asked where he was he said I’ll call you back and hung up.

At 6:30am Simon Valderrama called again sounding drugged up and kept frantically asking me where the kids were. Again, I told him they were asleep. He told me that I sounded funny that I sounded groggy and didn’t sound right. I told him that you just woke me up, of course I'm groggy. I asked what happened and why he wanted to be picked up earlier and he hung up.

At 7:03am I called Chris Valderrama (Simon Valderrama’s brother) and told him Simon Valderrama was calling and I suspected that he was on drugs again. Chris Valderrama said he was at work and he would call him.

At 11:38am I called Chris Valderrama and Chris Valderrama said that Simon Valderrama was out of his mind and was on meth again.

2 June 2017 – Had a family meeting at Colleen Valderrama's house to discuss Simon Valderrama’s drug abuse and what to do about the kids. This being the third time the family has had to intervene because of Simon Valderrama's meth use around the kids it was decided that the kids were number 1 priority and Simon Valderrama and Brittany Rooney were no longer in the picture. Told Colleen Valderrama that we needed to talk to her about the grandkids, asked when can we meet and she said she would call us. We wanted to tell her what our granddaughter had told us about Simon Valderrama touching her.

10 June 2017 – Had kids for the weekend. Our granddaughter told us “I don’t need any more medicine down there.” We asked when her brother had touched her and she said “in the locker room”. I asked what locker room and she said at the YMCA.

20 June 2017 – I called Colleen Valderrama and told her what our granddaughter told us about Simon Valderrama touching her. Colleen Valderrama said that we had an obligation to call DHS and that she would also call DHS.

20 June 2017 – I called DHS and reported what our granddaughter had told us about Simon Valderrama touching her.

26 June 2017 – Colleen Valderrama finally decided she wanted to talk to us after DHS contacted her. We met with Colleen and Alvro Valderrama. We had called and tried to meet with Colleen Valderrama many times before this date but she never had time. At this meeting Alvro was shocked that Colleen had told us to call DHS.

After we told Colleen and Alvro Valderrama about what our granddaughter had told us, they quit letting us have the kids over night. Colleen Valderrama said DHS said they didn’t want us to put things in their heads. We told her we knew that wasn’t true so Colleen Valderrama said well it was her decision.

Soon after our meeting Colleen Valderrama stopped letting us have lunch with the kids at school.

When we went to open house at the kid’s school the first thing out grandson's teacher asked is if he had been tested for ADD because:

He doesn’t retain information well

He has trouble focusing

He can’t keep attention

He is on a incentive program to help encourage him

Why won’t Colleen Valderrama get him tested?

When our grandson is in his dad’s custody he displays anger and violent behavior.

While attending Mustang Creek Elementary School he was suspended 2 or 3 times for bad behavior:

Threw a chair against a wall

Turned over a table

Hurt a girl

We had lunch at Tulakes Elementary school with the kids after our grandson spent much time with Simon Valderrama during school break. Our grandson ran up to Colin in the lunch room and he said “papa do you want to know how to kill someone really quick?” Then he karate chopped Colin in the throat. Something he learned from Simon Valderrama.

At Tulakes Elementary School our grandson's teacher told us that he had been showing some bad behavior by clinching his fist and hitting his desk, making a mad face and lying more.

While we were having lunch at Tulakes Elementary School with the kids, one of the lunchroom teachers told us that our grandson had got in trouble for squeezing a girl’s water bottle in her face. When she was taking him to see the counselor in the lunch room he was pinching himself on the arm. She stated that he must have emotional problems.

Simon Valderrama had our grandson on a Sunday and decided to cut his hair with a beard trimmer. Colleen Valderrama sent him to school without fixing the bad haircut. His teacher even called Colleen Valderrama and asked what happened to his hair. Our grandson spent the entire lunch break trying to convince us that he liked his haircut.

Things Colleen Valderrama has said: 

Our grandson told us that he overheard Colleen Valderrama telling Alvro Valderrama that she would make sure we never get the kids again.

We are not family

Colleen Valderrama tells my granddaughter that I am is ugly. My granddaughter is very upset by this and apologizes to me and says she thinks I'm pretty and so does Heather.

Won’t let them go swimming, tells them there are sharks in the pool.

Won’t let our grandson participate in Historical Reenactments with Colin because she tells him that we use real guns and bullets.

Questions and Concerns:

Why didn’t DHS do anything after we reported Simon Valderrama sexually abusing our granddaughter to them? And why wouldn’t they talk to us?

Why didn’t Colleen Valderrama do anything after we told her about the sexual abuse? After all she is a 25 year veteran head nurse and is trained in the handling of child abuse.

Why did DHS say that we could not see the kids? That is what Colleen Valderrama told us. We found out later this was a lie.

Colleen Valderrama is trying to stop our lunch visits with the kids because she thinks it is the cause of our grandson's bad behavior when it is caused by being around his dad.

Why do we have to ask more than once to have the kids call us?

Why does Colleen Valderrama have the kid’s call us when they are busy or out doing something?

When we asked our grandchildren if they had talked to DHS at school or been to see a therapist they said “we don’t talk to those people”. DHS left and closed the case.

If we are such bad people then why did we give Simon Valderrama $1000 to hire a lawyer when he was trying to get custody of the kids?

Simon Valderrama won’t see a therapist with the kids; he says our grandson won’t talk to them.

Why does Colleen Valderrama put our grandson on the floor and sit on him when he acts up. Our granddaughter told us this at lunch.​​