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Connie Coffey



Connie Coffey Why I Committed Suicide

  Let me explain the WHY that led up to my death.

I was bullied into committing suicide by Barbara Hasman (my mother), Frank Hasman (my stepdad), Brittany Rooney (my daughter), Brent Rooney (Brittany's father), Simon Valderrama (my Grandchildren's father), Chris Valderrama and Heather Valderrama (Simon's brother and sister-in-law) and Colleen and Alvaro Valderrama (Simon's mom and dad). 

The bulling by the Valderramas started when my granddaughter told me that her daddy Simon Valderrama had been touching her vagina. I reported this first to Colleen Valderrama (Simon's mom) and then DHS. This led to a family meeting that included Frank and Barbara Hasman, Colleen and Alvaro Valderrama, Chris and Heather Valderrama, Colin and myself. It was agreed to by all that Brittany Rooney and Simon Valderrama were out of the picture and the number one concern of all was the protection and care of our grandchildren. It was decided that since the kids were in school that they would remain with Colleen and Alvaro Valderrama and they would apply for guardianship of the kids so they wouldn't go back to Simon Valderrama. We kept asking Colleen Valderrama if she had filed for guardianship and she would say not yet. We became worried that Colleen Valderrama was going to give the kids back to Simon Valderrama. The arrangement worked fine until Colleen Valderrama started not letting us talk to the kids on the phone. Colleen Valderrama would throw away toys that we would give the kids. Colleen Valderrama stopped letting us have lunch with the kids and then she stopped letting us see them at all.

​At this point we decided to take Colleen Valderrama to court and file for visitation. Our lawyer Tom Riesen convinced us to file for guardianship because of the lies that were coming from Colleen, the rest of the Valderrama family the Hasmans and the Rooneys. Our grandchildren were suppose to be appointed an attorney by the court. The attorney, Khristan Strubhar was selected by Colleen's attorney. Khristan Strubhar was suppose to appoint an impartial observer to see how the kids reacted during our visits. Khristan Strubhar appointed Jeffrey Whitaker who was selected by Colleen Valderrama. Jeffrey Whitaker is Simon Valderramas COUNSELOR.

Sworn statements were provided to the court by Brent Rooney, Chris Valderrama and Heather Valderrama that were full of lies. At this time we decided to withdraw our petition to the court for guardianship because all of the lies that were being told were starting to affect our grandchildren.

​A special thank you to my attorney Tom Riesen for letting this happen in court. I should have fired you when you yelled at me you pompous ass.

Khristan Strubhar how did you ever become a lawyer. Khristan Struhbar used Jeffrey Whitaker's report along with lies from Valderramas and the Rooneys statements for her pure "cut and paste" report to the Judge. Her mind was made up before we ever met her. A very dishonest lawyer that lies to you while smiling. I swear you were the model for the Blind Justice Statue. That was not a compliment!

Jeffrey Whitaker what a piece of shit you are. You should have your license revoked. When my husband asked Jeffrey Whitaker "what about our granddaughter and what her daddy did to her" Jeffrey Whitaker told him to "get over it, my goal is to put the kids back with Simon". After the first supervised visit with our grandchildren we had a meeting with Jeffrey Whitaker and he was totally pissed beyond belief because we had asked the kids what color they wanted their bedrooms painted when we moved to our new house. Jeffrey Whitaker was more concerned about how upset Colleen Valderrama would be when she heard that and we should apologize to her by sending a card or flowers. Just for the record our grandchildren have had their own bedrooms in our house since they were born. After we did not comply with his wishes Jeffrey Whitaker stopped talking to us completely.​​​​​​

It is hard to believe that the above is enough to make someone want to end their life, but it is. The lies and actions by the Hasmans, by the Valderrama family and the Rooneys show that what they did was not for the love of grandchildren but for their hate for me.

It was nothing but "Bullying" and that is what they are teaching my grandchildren.

The betrayal by my family, the court and the thought of not being able to see my grandchildren and save them from all of this was the final straw in my decision to end my life.